High usability, low threshold to get a survey.

With surveys and market research it is possible to quickly find out what the market is looking for. With the foundation you can then improve the company in the areas where the need is. If the tool you're using is also available online, you'll always have access to what you need. Our complete survey tool Kurios makes it simple and easy to understand. Now you can answer 100 respondents' answers for free, try it now!


Several free questionnaires are included, for example:

  • Course evaluation
  • Customer satisfaction (SCI survey)
  • Employee survey
  • Product evaluation
  • Evaluation of organization
  • Event evaluation
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Website evaluation


Simple and efficient

Should a new product be launched, or do you want feedback on an existing service? With Kurios, you can easily create effective market research tailored to your business. No matter what you wish to accomplish. Kurios includes completed questionnaires, and it will be easy to:

  • Create surveys with drag and drop
  • Designing surveys based on your graphic profile
  • A variety of reporting options


Available online

With Kurios, you always have access to your online survey. Create a survey that goes hand in hand with the company's graphical profile, immediately when the need arises. It can be used for all types of market research. Examples of surveys: Market research. CSI surveys. Employee surveys.

  • Quick overview in our Dash board
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Cross tabulation
  • Completed questionnaires
  • Multiple Choice
  • A single answer questions
  • Compulsory questions
  • Question Threads
  • Free text
  • Matrix questions
  • Subscription form
  • Change order of questionnaire
  • Open or anonymous
  • Password protected
  • Flowchart
  • Your graphic profile
  • Preview
  • Add your own pictures
  • Publish the result
  • Filter results
  • Choose chart type
  • See individual answers
  • PDF / Excel / Powerpoint
  • Share socially
  • Paper or PDF
  • Dashboard
  • Your account
  • Connected to Magnet, Event Tools
  • Connected to Postman, Newsletter Tools
  • Available in SWE, FI and ENG

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