10 Jul 2017

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

You know that email marketing is a tool you wish to harness. But, how do you create an email marketing campaign? Follow our 7 steps to creating an effective email marketing campaign.


1. Who Are Your Recipients?

This is important – you need to think quality over quantity. You cannot simply spam 1000 inboxes and hope to make a sale. Instead, you need to refine your list carefully, so that you send fewer emails to the right people. The number one means of doing this is providing self-selection. Your audience needs to have actively chosen to receive your email newsletters, and know exactly how many they’ll be getting, and why. If you can, you take this a step further: the person who ordered preschool toys gets an offer for balance bikes; the one who ordered motorbike accessories gets the offer for money off bike helmets. Data is your friend when it comes to email marketing.

2. What Do You Want to Achieve?

Believe it or not, many businesses start an email campaign without a clear plan. The problem here is that if you try to meet too many objectives you risk meeting none at all. Having a clear objective, which is specific, is essential when it comes to steps 3 and 4. It is important again at the end of the campaign, as you measure success.

3. Make it Personal

Once you know who you’re sending a specific email marketing campaign to, it’s easier to personalise it. Master the art of personalisation and your nurture a loyal customer. Your audience is savvy – don’t treat them like a fool – but genuinely put their needs at the centre of the campaign. The subject line is your friend here. Make it compelling, personal, and pique their curiosity.


Segmentation is also critical here. This means splitting your list and only sending the relevant elements of your email campaign to certain groups. A generic newsletter building trust and the customer relationship, for example, can go to a broader segment, than an email relating to a niche product or those who had a good browse but didn’t buy.

4. Think About Your Content

To get conversions your content needs to be ultra-refined. According to research, you have under 20 lines of text, and just a few images, to get the maximum number of click-throughs. It does vary from one industry to another, but you need to be thinking simple, eye-catching graphics that reflect your brand, combined with intuitive navigation, and clear concise wording. The good news is that at Postman, we take the hard work away from you. Our templates tick most of the boxes of great content, so all you need to do is come up with some wording and your images. Don’t forget to include an enticing call-to-action, and don’t forget to get it proof-read multiple times. You can’t retract mistakes.

5. Add Value

It should be obvious, but your customer needs to be the central thought in your email campaign. Intentionally adding value to them should be the primary purpose of any email marketing campaign. Only through this authenticity can you build trust and loyalty.

6. Embrace Automation

All of the above aren’t possible without some degree of automation. If you can segment your email list, and send email newsletters when a certain action (or inaction) triggers them, then you’re onto a winner. In other words, an email campaign should - at the very least - appear to be set by your customer’s agenda. Failing that, it should be regular and clear.

7. Test and Follow-Up

An email campaign doesn’t end the minute you click send. It doesn’t even end when you finish processing the orders that came off the back of it. Whilst you’re in the early days of email campaigns you need to test, test, and test again. Find out what works and what doesn’t – from subject lines to the time of day you send emails.


Use the data you can collect to narrow down your campaigns for the future. It provides the insight you need to improve. For example, what’s your open rate? Are people clicking delete before they even open your message? This is powerful and useful information.



By following these seven steps, you will create an effective email marketing campaign which allows your business to grow and thrive whilst keeping your customers loyal.


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