15 Jun 2017

The Ultimate Checklist For Your Next Conference

If you're planning a big conference, it's easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Fortunately, this event planning checklist can help you stay sane as you get ready. Take a look.

9 - 12 Months Before

Finalise your conference goals.

Book your venue.

Use our free online event booking system to create a calendar so people can see more about your conference details as they develop.

Begin reaching out to vendors, speakers, and your keynote address presenter so they can put the event on their calendars. Be sure you begin to build an audience profile to offer them in the near future so they can better craft their messages.

If required, work out the financial details for the event like a separate bank account so when you get ready to sell tickets online, you'll know where the money should go.

4 - 6 Months Before

Begin marketing your event to those in your target audience. Our free event booking site can help with marketing, but you may want to use social media, your own website, and your email list to hone the process.

Send "Save the Dates" to those on your marketing list.

Set your invitation deadline.

Confirm event speakers. Make a list of their A/V requirements for presentations, as well as any other requirements they may have (handicap accessible rooms, special dietary needs, etc).

1 Month Before

Send email invitations to those on your list.

Order gifts for presenters.

Finalise printed materials.

Launch registration.

Prepare a schedule for attendees.

Begin producing name badges.

3 Weeks Before

Confirm A/V requirements for event can be met by the venue.

Continue to generate buzz with social media and more to increase the number of ticket sales online

Finish producing all event materials including signage, displays, and more.

The Day Before

Set up workshop rooms and registration area.

Post signage to help direct guests.

Check that the A/V requirements have been met for each presenter and vendor.

The Day of

Greet speakers and vendors and show them to their locations.

Brief registration volunteers of the required procedures at least an hour before guests arrive.

Station greeters at important locations around the venue so guests know where to go.

It's tough to stay organised for a big conference. We can help with a great online event booking system. Contact us today to learn more.


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