08 May 2017

Is LinkedIn The Right Network To Promote Event Ticking For Your Conference?

Business professionals turn to LinkedIn on a daily basis to connect with others both in and out of their professional fields, and increasingly, many are using it to help promote event ticketing for upcoming professional conferences. How do you know if this is the right platform to help promote your conference? This guide can help.

  • Use LinkedIn if You're Looking for a Professional Platform: Many of the users are university level graduates on this platform, and more than 44% of them make nearly £60,000 per year. More than that, though, they tend to be urban residents who are slightly educated. This is the place for professionals to connect. If that's your audience, this is the platform to consider.

  • Use LinkedIn if You Are Looking for Sponsors: There are few better places to look for sponsors than LinkedIn. Because it's primarily a B2B network, you're going to find the right companies ready to market to others almost instantly.

  • Use LinkedIn If You Want To Publish Information: If you're looking for the ideal space not just to create event ticketing information but also to push the information surrounding your event in a helpful manner, this is the platform you'll want to consider. The ability to publish longer articles is built-in, something many other social media options just can't do.

  • Use LinkedIn if You Have a Business Hours Audience: While people access LinkedIn throughout the day, their busiest times are during the course of a normal work day, so if you want to reach people at work, this is the platform that will help you do it.

When you pair LinkedIn with our event ticketing services, you're going to have a winning combination that is perfect for your upcoming conference. To learn more about our platform or how we can help, contact us today.


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