23 May 2017

Designing an Input Survey For Event Attendees

If you're like many companies these days, the last thing you want to do is hold an event that attracts too few registrants. One solid way to boost event attendance is to design an input survey before you create the event, but that's not always as easy as it sounds. These tips can help make your survey the perfect way to get the information you need from your target audience.

  • Start with Stronger Goals: You want your survey to have just a few main objectives. If there are too many goals involved, you'll lose your respondents. For example, perhaps you want to know the kinds of speakers that would encourage event registration online. Maybe you want to know where your event should be held. The key is to plan the goal before you plan the actual survey.

  • Keep It Short: Fifteen minutes should be the absolute maximum time it required from participants to take your survey. If you're hitting within the twenty to thirty minute range, people are going to start dropping out. Even at fifteen minutes, the chances are good some people won't even begin. If you can keep it to about five minutes, you're going to have far more people respond.

  • Consider a Mix of Question Types: You can ask simple yes/no questions on a survey. You can also ask scaled questions on a survey. Your best bet is to mix the questions a bit. Scaled questions help you understand how willing people would be to travel fifty miles to your event. Yes/no type questions help you understand whether event ticking online could help more people register. That mix is going to be critical to your overall results.

You want more people to complete the event registration process, and an input survey before the event actually occurs is the perfect way to do just that.


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