12 Apr 2017

How to Sell Event Tickets Online:

Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Event on Social Media

It's tough to reach your goal as you try to sell your event tickets. No matter what you're selling - tickets to a conference, tickets to a sports event, or even tickets to a concert - moving those tickets is harder than you may have thought at first. If you're like many people these days, though, one of the first places you're going to turn after you've used an event ticketing system like ours is social media. How can you push your sales through the roof with the right platform? These tips can help. 

Consider a Paid Ad:

Platforms like Facebook often give you an option for paid advertising. While you certainly don't have to go that way to sell your event tickets online, it is a good way to get quite a bit of exposure very quickly. A paid ad means pushing your message out in a way you simply can't on your own.

Run a Contest:

Almost every good social media marketer will tell you the answer to how to sell tickets online is to create a competition of some kind. Whatever you create, make sure it's both relevant to your event and your target audience. The reward itself should probably be a ticket to the event because even though many will enter, you know only one will win, and the others will likely buy a ticket to your event anyway.

Consider a Group Buy:

There are few things more conducive to groups than social media, and if you create a way to successfully make the cash you need to cover your event costs with a great group rate, you're going to see some real action if you get people to work together on social media and buy tickets as a group.

Social media has been successfully used to organise some pretty powerful movements these days. Work to create one to sell event tickets online for your venue!


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