08 Dec 2016

Stand Out in the Christmas Rush!

Can you feel it in the air? We're beginning to get a taste of the intense month ahead of us. Black Friday is already history, and it's time to open the first door on the Advent Calendar. This is also the most intense time of the year for many businesses, not only when it comes to selling stuff to consumers, but also business-to-business: It's time to spend money to meet the annual budget. For many, things really starts to heat up, especially since December will always be a “short” month.


There's much to gain, and much to take advantage of, but unfortunately, you are not the only one to realize this. During December, the efforts spent on marketing and the time spent on sales really intensifies. This means the static to noise ratio gets even worse than usual, making it hard to communicate effectively with potential customers. To effectively break through, you need to be smart and employ tactical thinking. Maybe a traditional Christmas campaign is what works best for you, or it might be the perfect time to think outside the box, and reap the benefits of being the one that stands out? Or maybe the solution is to try both in parallel to see what works best? Regardless, the time is here and the time is now – make sure your company make the most of during the jolly season. Here we give you some ideas of what to consider:


Relationships is the key

One of the major upcoming trends for 2017 is about how to adapt technology, and develop technologies, to better suit people's needs. Currently, the situation is often the reverse – people have to adapt to various technologies in order to use them. With new solutions and a new focus it's all about making things easier and create value in your customer’s lives – on their terms. Your newsletters shouldn't make people think of your company. They should think of themselves. Christmas is an excellent time to think different, and consider what use what you're marketing will have for the final customer. A festive season full of so much emotion is the perfect time to focus on the things that create feelings. Take advantage of the intimate emotions Christmas stirs among your customers and use it to fill needs and wants.



It's never wrong to customize your offers and products to better fit in with a certain holiday, but it's also an excellent time to spicy up your marketing with something a little extra. Just for a moment, move away from your standard design, brand profiling and style manual. Even though it's not usually recommended, holidays in general and especially Christmas are good reasons to get more personal and emotional in the way you communicate. Give your newsletters a Christmas look and feel, and you'll not only help solve the problems of your customers – you'll also strengthen their Christmas spirit!


First Place is Sacred

Make sure you put what's most important first. This can be a bit of a challenge – What is it that's the most important to your customers, and what's the most important to them during the Christmas season? The answers to both those questions might be the same, but they are also likely to differ. This gives you a good opportunity to focus to distinguish the two. This also makes it easy for the receiver to see what content is relevant, and understand what you can do for them.


Give a Personal Gift

Try to picture all the people behind the e-mail addresses that your newsletter reaches as one single person. Who is that person, the one you most want to reach? Customize the language you use after that person and be personal, easygoing and helpful. This might mean that you don't quite reach some of the people who gets your newsletters, but making this exception during the Christmas season fits in very well with the Christmas spirit. Remember too that some of your customers might be recurring and loyal, customers you might even have a direct personal relationship to. In these cases, signing with both the company's name, and the name of the relevant personal contact, is a good idea, both to strengthen the personal relationship and to emphasize that Christmas is a time of closeness.


Be Playful!

Thinking of subject lines for your newsletters that are both relevant and selling, as well as effective is hard – we know that. A lot of the success of a newsletter hinges on how well written they are, and what they say. This is something we say quite often, and maybe that means some of you get locked into a “safe” mode, using subject lines that gives a decent result. Even though the result might not be quite as good as you'd like. The Christmas Edition of your newsletter might be the perfect opportunity to bend the rules a bit, and test subject lines you might not use otherwise. Since the Christmas newsletter differs from the regular ones, so should the subject line. Who knows, maybe you'll find new and effective ways to communicate with your target group, ways you can expand upon with your regular newsletters.


...and now for something completely different

Are you one of those who are, in truth, a bit tired of all this Christmas stuff? Is your business one that simply doesn't benefit much from the Christmas season anyway? Are you well aware that those who get your newsletter have little to no interest in having them tailored to Christmas? Then you'll have the opportunity to really stand out, because one thing we know for sure: There will be many, many, Christmas-themed newsletters. If you take the road less traveled, you'll stand out, because subject line, content and look will be different from most others. This will also be a perfect time to toot your own horn, use grand words, or use those ideas that you'd normally think are a little too out there. Regardless of the result of your newsletter, there will be lessons to be learned, that you can use to improve future newsletters.


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