12 Mar 2015

How do you make an employee survey?

Happy, motivated and satisfied employees are essential for your business to be able to operate and be profitable. An employee survey helps you find out what works well and what can be done differently or better in your organisation.

An employee survey can have several goals: To examine trends in, for example, equality, development opportunities for employees and managers, or to determine how core values have been implemented. Another aim may be to provide a basis for your improvement process. Such a survey can be linked to developing employee performance.

Preparing the employee survey

There are many tools on the market that can help you design your employee survey. But before you have got that far, you will need to consider what you really need to know, so that you can use the answers for decision-making purposes. It is also important that you find out how the questions should be designed so that your employees will understand them and want to participate. In many employee questionnaires, several different objectives are combined. This can cause a lack of accuracy. For example, asking questions about gender, age, length of employment and employee category, while at the same time asking questions about how management is perceived, often makes employees avoid answering truthfully. Don't try to get answers to everything in the same employee survey. Dare to limit your questions.

Formulate questions carefully

It's important that you construct the questions from the employees' perspective. Here are a few other tips on what is important to think about when you formulate your questions:

  • A good question must be easy to understand. Words and concepts must be interpreted by everyone in the same way.
  • Only ask about one thing at a time.
  • Make sure the response alternatives cover all possible answers to the question.
  • Don't use leading wording.
  • Questions should be as short and simple as possible.
  • Questions should be designed so that the answers will be accurate.
  • The questionnaire should be easy to fill in.

You may need professional help to construct an employee survey that gives you value for money. At the very least, research the subject properly before you design, or let someone else design, your employee survey.

Qualitative surveys

Are you unsure about what is important for your employees? A qualitative survey can give you detailed insight into how they relate to and reason about a given area. This method is also used to interpret and analyse data that is difficult to express in numbers, like, for example, a usability test on an intranet. A small qualitative survey can be a good platform for a more comprehensive quantitative survey in web format.

Quantitative surveys

These are used to question a larger number of individuals. The results can be easily compiled in figures, graphs and statistics. The answers are not as nuanced or exact as in personal interviews.

Read more about employee surveys

Using Paloma's powerful Kurios tool, you can create questionnaires and surveys in a simple and intuitive way. The survey tool contains complete question templates, but you can also design your own surveys based on your own graphic profile. On the first page you get a quick total overview of the response rate. You also get a statistical overview of the last seven days' replies.

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