02 Dec 2014

Surveys: An ABC Guide, part 1

How to produce successful surveys


Online questionnaire surveys are booming thanks to their speed and the opportunities they offer for efficient distribution. The simplicity of the process, however, can be deceptive: carrying out a survey still requires thorough research and consideration.

At Paloma, we have therefore put together this basic ‘survey school’ to give you an understanding of the most important aspects when the time comes for you to carry out a questionnaire survey. Here, you will find tips and advice, as well as information on how to avoid the pitfalls. We hope you find the content useful. Please do not hesitate to contact Paloma if you have any questions.

Why carry out a survey?

There can be many aims to carrying out surveys. The target groups can vary – customers, employees, members, etc. Surveys are often conducted to find out what customers think about particular services or products, often with a view to improving them. Some examples of the various types of survey are as follows:

1. Market survey

What is the state of the market, and what are its needs and expectations? There are a number of important questions you need to know the answer to in order to adjust to the prevailing conditions on the market and to portray yourself correctly. There are many different types of market survey. Some are knowledge, motivation and attitude surveys that seek to create an understanding of what motivates the consumer to choose a certain product.

2. Personnel survey

A survey among employees at a workplace is an easy and straightforward way to gain an indication of how happy the employees are. Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction often go hand in hand, so it can be a good idea to examine how happy employees are with their work, environment, colleagues and managers.

3. Customer survey

What do your customers think about the company’s products and services? Is there anything that isn’t working as well as it should? What makes a customer return to your company in particular? Find out the answers by creating a customer survey. With a customer survey, you can easily see whether anything in your business needs to be attended to in order to keep and gain more satisfied customers.

A few things to think about in order to create a good survey

  • Consider the purpose of the survey.
  • What is the target group of the survey?
  • What do you want to find out?
  • For what type of decision will the information be used?
  • Ask simple, brief questions.
  • The order of the questions is significant.
  • Limit the number of questions and reply options.
  • Explain to the participant why you are conducting the survey.
  • Thank the person for taking part in the survey.
  • If possible, show the results of the survey in a newsletter or on the website.
  • If a similar survey has been conducted previously, compare the results.




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